For someone who never struggles to come up with a book idea, I sit at my computer every month as I prepare to pen blog posts, and I ask myself, “What do this blog’s readers want to know?” and “What can I tell them about that?”

So today I googled that question: top blog posts for writers.

And now I’m going to share one blogger’s response.

Molly Green has an entire article of 101 best blog posts which is, as you can imagine, full of information. Here are a few I think you might find interesting, but you really should check out the whole list:

  1. The best blog posts you’ve read the past week or month – with links: That one is easy —
  2. Writers (or authors, teachers, industry leaders, philanthropists) who inspire you – that was easy too. Ted Dekker sent a link to a great little ebook, and if you haven’t read it, you should: If you still want this, click here to get started.
  3. Your favorite blogs. Example: Belinda Pollard’s 4 useful blogs to get you started in self-publishing – although I’d not heard of this author, I liked the article and subscribed to receive blogs by email.


There are nearly 100 more ideas in this particular article, and although I haven’t checked out all of the following, here are some more examples:


If most of your subscribers are readers or you want to attract more readers to your blog: — this has actually been a goal of mine, so I’m going to check out the complete list


Please post a comment about how you come up with blog post ideas, and I will randomly draw a name to win a free copy of Nuggets of Writing Gold , print (US only) or ebook – winner’s choice.

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