I enjoyed this article on character development. The author discusses taking memories and drawing upon those thoughts to incorporate ideas into one’s writing. (Inkwell Coordinator)

“Not long ago I got to thinking about the odd moments that can rise from the murky depths of my memory, nudged out to my consciousness by a chance word, an image or even a sniff of some aroma.  

Of course, we all have those moments of tragedy or world changing events so intense we remember exactly what we were doing when we got the news. The bombing of Pearl Harbor was such an event. While that was before my time, I was able to research the day and show how my characters in Small Town Girl were forever changed by that moment in their lives. I could imagine how they might have felt because I have been stunned by news of other tragic events. Kennedy’s assassination. The space shuttle explosion. 9/11. Times seared in my memory.” Click here to read this thoughtful post.