Today we have the pleasure of meeting Paulette Harris.


Paulette is a published author/speaker, who loves to encourage others to work toward their purposes and dreams.  She belongs to several writers groups, is a member of ACFW, CWG, LostGenre, TWV, among others.  She started Springs Writers in Colorado Springs, CO and is so happy for the growth of the writers, many published in one or several areas.

She is happily married to her husband of 44 years. They enjoy the fact that their three cats allow them to live together. She loves all animals, horseback riding, golf, walking, gardening, and attempts to raise orchids.  She loves being with her children and five grandchildren and lives in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains. 

She can be found on,,, FB author page or FB Paulette Harris, Linked-In, Twitter.

 Paulette Harris thanks you so much for this opportunity to share her latest works.

• You write about angels, demons, and spiritual warfare. What has led you to tackle such subjects?

God has given me amazing, life experiences, with the desire to share my perspective on these things.

• What Bible verse best describes your life and why?

God gives us instruction in Psalm 96:3 (NLT) to publish his glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things he has done.

This is part of my personal mission statement and my God given purpose.

Everyone should have a bible verse and a personal mission statement to help guide and encourage them through life. If you don’t have one yet, ask. God always brings answers.

• If you could have tea with any author, who has passed on, who would you choose?

C.S. Lewis

• Who inspires you most when it comes to your writing?

Jesus Christ and the life experiences he brings.

• What’s playing on your CD player, iPod, or Pandora right now?

I love Opera and Classical so it would probably be Josh Groban or Sarah Brightman.

• If you were able to choose one possession to take with you when it’s your time to go to heaven, what would you take?

I would take my “special pen” that my sister gave me. I would like to write about what I experience there. I know we would all be busy and I would love to continue to encourage those with me.

 • What advice do you feel is most important to pass on to your grandchildren?

I would advise them to ask God to show and teach them how to use their God-given gifts for his glory. I believe that is the key to life, something that a person is good at and passionate about. It gives strength and courage to get up every morning and work. Without that element in a person’s life, they can become lost with no hope. In you is the “Hope of Christ.”

 • Tell us about your book, Vapors.

This is a novel of intrigue and suspense. A guilt-ridden double agent is on a collision course with his destiny to meet a man in Jerusalem. Together they take on the task of showing humanity its last chance.